The types of EDM – part 1

You’ve probably heard „EDM” so many times in your life. But what does exactly means EDM? And is this the only one kind of music?

EDM types

At the beginning lets see what it means this shortcut.

EDM – electronic dance music

Nowadays its the most popular genre of music in the world. But there are a lot of species.

You would be wondered how many there are. Lets get started!


Big Room – one of the most popular and commercial types of electronic dance music. It’s a subgenre of electro house.

The main tempo stays between 126-130 bpm. It often contains sublayered kickdrum and supersaw sounds with a lot of reeverb. The most popular artists of this genre are Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix.


Drum’n’bass – comes from rave scenes in England. The main style of it’s fast breakbeats between 160-180 bpm.

There are two main kinds: liquid and neuro. Liquid is more focused on melodies, harmonies and its more instrumental. Neuro is focusing on deep & wobble basslines.


Dubstep – it’s a kind of music which draws from garage, techno, drum n bass and reggae.

Dubstep became very popular in 2010 when Skrillex started to produce this. One of the music websites Allmusic described dubstep as a „tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.”


Electro House – it were influenced by trash, pop, electro & pop.

The main tempo of this kind of EDM is between 124-132 bpm. It consists characteristic strong kick & sharp sounds bassline. Whole track makes impression austerity. It usually has 4/4 beats.


Hardstyle – coming from hard dance. There are two main kinds – nu style & rave.

Nu style hardstyle focusing more on melodies & harmonies. Rave is more underground and the main part of a track is focused on a bassline and ravy synths.


Like you see there are a lot of kinds of electronic dance music. You will find more in the next article.




Who is ghost producer?

This phrase makes a lot of extreme emotions in the world of EDM. So what does exactly mean „ghost producer”?


You should hear for example who is Maarten Vorwerk. He produced or cooproduced a lot of big tracks for top artists like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike or Yves V for example. You can see on discogs some of productions that he ghost produced for djs. Here is the link: Maarten Vorwerk discography. He is the best known example.

But what is the definition of ghost producer?

This is a music producer/writer which is hired by musicians or someone else and create the track for them.

In EDM djs which plays gigs five times in a week and haven’t time for making music often hire ghost producers.
Sometimes artist have good skills in dj-ing but isn’t good enough in music production and can’t get big promotion so he can hire the ghost producer too. It’s natural phenomenon and it shouldn’t be hated as it is in some ranges.
But year after year it’s more acceptable and popular.

From 2013 EDM grows more popular and there is a bigger need for this kind of music. Market becomes wider too and there are a lot of more festivals from month after month. This scene is the biggest in nowadays music. The secret of electronic music is that this don’t needs words or a lot of words so it can connect people from USA, India, Brazil, Russia, UK etc.

Ghost producing has evolved a lot in 21st century and it became a professional work. It’s very debatable issue but everyone has the right for his own opinion.
Nevertheless ghost production came very popular and it’s the inseparable part of electronic dance music.