We will help you to find a record label, plan your release, grow up your fanbase and build your own mark etc. If you have any problems or your knowlege about music industry isn’t good enough this offer is for You!


If you have any problems with writing melodies or haven’t enough inspiration contact us and we will make a melody in any kind that you are looking for. We can also record this melody on live instrument.


Looking for a professional intro? We can make this for you. Tell us in which style you are looking for and we will do our best to satisfy You!


We can record for you full track vocals or just predrop phrases. Choose your option, decide about specifications and contact us then we will review your order and will try to find and record the best vocal for you.


Have a problem with lyrics and melody to your track? Tell us what kind of lyrics your are looking for and we will write them for you. Remember that we only write lyrics in english.


Looking for a sound that you want to have but don’t know how? Or maybe you would get a project template in any edm style? Contact us and we will do our best!