Nowadays it isn’t enough to be only a dj and playing shows. If you want to be recognizable you must to have your own tracks and get the popularity with them. Let the dream comes true! If you are looking for a track with professional vocal this offer is for you too. We have got a lot of professional vocalists with really low prizes in our base! In our team there are a few professional musicians so we can record live instruments like for example saxophone or guitar specially for you. We evaluate the offer individualy for every client. We have attractive prices for ghost production. Just order now and you will see. Every demo is free!


Want to remix a track or bootleg? No problem! We realize every kind of ghost production like remix, bootleg or mash up. Send us materials and we will start a remix for you. Sometimes to start in a remix contest or bootleg something popular is very good decision and can get your popularity to another level.


Have you got a project that you want to finish or which doesn’t sound good enough? Or maybe your idea is to collab with someone that you know? Get us to help you! We realize every kind of collaboration. Our well experienced team will improve your production.



    • Original track: send us a few youtube or soundcloud links. Please refine what do you expect. Those several details will help to do our best!
    • Remix/bootleg: let us know which track you want to remix, send us materials and specifications. Then we can get started!
    • Collaboration: show us your idea and then we can discuss what we could do with your work. Then you will have to send us project, wav and midi files.

    • Within one workday we will answer on your message.
    • Then we will decide which ghost producer of our team will be the best for your order.
  • DEMO

    • Within 7 days you will get a demo. When you will check a demo there are two options:
      1. You are satisfied with the result and accept demo so we can work on the project to finish this.
      2. You are not fully satisfied with demo but you can give more details which would help to satisfy you with the result.
    • When you will be satisfied with your demo we will sign a contract and you will have to pay 50% of a prize.

    • Then within 7 days you will get the final professionally mixed & mastered track.
    • You have of course overview with every stage of ghost production.
    • If you won’t be satisfied with the final result we will work till you will be pleased.
    • Then you will have to pay us the rest 50% of payment.
    • We will send you the whole pack which consist:
      – fully mastered mp3 and wav of extended mix, radio edit & preview
      – none compressed wavs (labels like to establish their own level of the loudness)
      – midi
      – project with samples
      – stems
      – video preview
      – help on music market (plan your release, find the record label, promo email, build your own brand, get more fans etc.)

Remember that we are fully professional & legal. Every program, synths and samples that we used are legally bought. We are registered company too so you can trust us. Full anonymity!