Big Room Ghost Producers

It is well known that in the world of music, including electronic music, there are people who deal with big room ghost production. They work on behalf of other artists and help them create such a work as the client would like to have. It is worth emphasizing here that some big room ghost producers work with many different musicians. This is due to the fact that creators must know many music genres and must know how to distinguish them from each other. In today’s article we will focus on presenting big room ghost producers working in the big room genre. They will be world-famous musicians who, in addition to traveling the world and playing at great events, deal with big room ghost production.



I am sure that there is no person in the world listening to electronic music who does not know his music. Robbert van de Corput – Hardwell began his adventure with music at the age of 14. It seems unbelievable but it soon turned out that Robert would not be forgotten. This happened in 2009 when he released his first bootleg. Since then, his career soared. After numerous successes of his songs, he created his own music label called Revealed Recordings. The next step in his career is the opening of the radio program and the podcast Hardwell On Air, which mainly presents beginner DJs of electronic music who thanks to his promotion can appear on this market. Fans can definitely recommend his website (, where he described the entire musical career along with interesting photos – it is called „The story of Hardwell”.
In one interview, Robbert once admitted that he had the pleasure of creating a song for someone. This song was a hit in the top ten beatport. However, it is not entirely clear who he created it for. Currently, the musician does not run concert tours, so you can only assume that he took up ghost producing. Some say, however, that his song „Apollo” was initially produced by Dutch musician Porter Robinson. It has the characteristics of songs by this musician, hence the rumor. But this is already left to the assessment of our readers.

„Spaceman” by Hardwell – track in big room genre


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Maarten Vorwerk

This man is one of the officially working ghost producers. He doesn’t actually do anything else compared to his colleagues in the industry. As he said – he just loves his job and would not exchange it for anything else. He began his adventure with music in 1996. At that time, he created only in the hardcore genre. Boom in his career gave him a remix for Benny Benassi „Satisfaction”. This big room ghost producer was one of the first to create for musicians who in their music video used dance in a new genre – Jumpstyle. From this case he works professionally as a big room ghost producer, and his services are used by a lot of artists, famous and not only.

Maarten shows his studio

big room ghost producer, big room ghost production, maarten vorwerk


When it comes to ghost producing in the style of a big room as the first song you can definitely recommend it’s „Epic” for Sandro and Quintino. It is a song in this style, which Maarten created. In the Netherlands it was a hit for a long time. The next big room ghost production by this ghost producer is „Tsunami” for DVBBS and Borgeous. Another hit that has mastered clubs around the world. It is certain that many other songs in this style came from Vorwerk.

„Epic” – for Quintino – by Maarten Vorwerk


Martin Garrix

The young musician and producer creates in various music genres, but one of them is the big room. He started his career very early, but he appeared on the music scene in 2011 when he released a bootleg to the song of Enrique Iglesias. A year later he signed a contract with the Spinnin Records label, where until 2016 he released his tracks there. During these times his career has changed dramatically and has now become one of the best DJs of the EDM music scene. Since then, Garrix has its own label and constantly releases new songs alone or with other famous musicians such as David Guetta, Tiesto or Avicii.

Martin Garrix with Tiesto

techno ghost producer, techno ghost production

Like other famous musicians in the electronic music industry, Martin Garrix also confessed that he was a big room ghost producer. In one of the interviews we can learn that the musician once created a song for someone that was released at Spinnin Records. It was a hit for a long time. Garrix admitted that when the label found out about this fact they invited him to his place, where the artist showed them his other projects. Apparently impressed Garrix with the people on the label because they signed the contract a moment later. It was before Garrix released his first biggest big room hit – „Animals”.

„Animals” by Martin Garrix


Niles Hollowell-Dhar is an Indian-American DJ and big room ghost producer known as Kshmr. He began his career exactly 10 years ago when he released the duo songs as The Cataracs with David Singer-Vine in the hip-hop genre. After some time came the first hits like „Like a G6”. Since then, his music career has changed a lot – in 2014 his partner left the duo and in this way the musician created a new, own project – KSHMR. The names of some of his tracks, such as „Jammu” or „Kashmir” come from the names of the states of Jammu or Kashmir, where his father comes from. Similarly is with the name of the musician himself.

big room ghost producer, big room ghost production

In terms of big room ghost production, Kshmr is second to none. He created for different musicians, in different genres. Starting with POP, then hip-hop and ending with EDM. As a big room ghost producer he contributed to the creation of „Tsunami” by DVBBS. It is undeniable that this musician copes well in any musical situation.

„Tsunami” by DVBBS & Borgeous which is co-created Kshmr


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As can be deduced not only in the electronic music industry, where the big room prevails, you can find ghost producers. In every other genre there are famous musicians who in addition to playing at events create songs for others. They advise, help in the production of fragments or simply officially sign the given song.




Techno Ghost Producers

Last years techno is becoming more popular in the world of electronic music. But with the raising of this kind of music, fanbase of artists is growing too. Like we all know people always like to ask questions so techno didn’t avoid this. Are artists like in other kinds of electronic music using ghost producers ? How many of them ? Is ghost production popular in techno ? On those and other questions i will try to answer in this article.

What is techno ?

First of all i will write few words about techno. This genre of electronic music which has been found in Detroit during the mid-1980. The very first techno track was „I Feel Love” by Donna Summer. However the right place and time when it was create is Detroit in the mid-1980. Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson are considered as inventors of techno. Because of typically electronic character and big popularity in the early-1990 and the rise of many species of electronic dance music like eurodance, trance and dubstep it’s often confused with the other kinds of electronic music.


„I Feel Love” by Donna Summer

It’s a kind of music with regular 4/4 beat. Classic techno has tempo around 120-140 beats per minute. This music is characterised by the use of synthetic sounds. There a lot of subspecies and everyone is different like for example: ambient, acid, hard, minimal or schranz. Tracks are usually completely instrumental and there aren’t too big vocal parts too. With time this music become more experimental.

„Techno City” by Juan Atkins



From United States where it wasn’t never very popular it came to Europe where it gets a lot of interests. Popularity of techno raised in the early-1990 mostly in Great Britain and Germany. It’s considered to be a last of the great music genres.


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Drumcode Ghost Producers

Which techno producer didn’t want to release a track on this label ? This techno label was founded by Adam Beyer. By the years it has grown to the great label. One of the best techno labels on beatport was recently in the heat of attention through one tweet.


Barker’s tweet about ghost production in Drumcode

Techno Ghost Producers
Few months ago artist called Barker published on his twitter that his „friend who ghost produces told me he does stuff for Drumcode. Which artist, I asked. Oh, all of em.. they take the tracks and assign them to someone….” Well, sounds intriguingly. We can’t rule out that some of djs which release tracks in Drumcode are using ghost production. Sometimes they could order tracks made from scratch. Djs are really overworked nowadays. Five gigs per week sometimes excludes possibility of music production. They could use some other producers to finish their stuff too. It’s not a secret that rarely happens that producer is also good in making melodies, sound desigin or mix and mastering. For those who are not good in one of these issues it’s very helpful to ask another music producer.


Adam Beyer

This one of the most popular techno djs was suspect of using ghost production. In the middle of 2018 he released in his own label Drumcode a track called „Your Mind” with dutch producer Bart Skils. It was a big release played by most techno djs, occupying top places in charts too.


„Your Mind” by Adam Beyer and Bart Skils

A lot of fans might thought that Bart produced whole track and Adam just put his name to help improve promotion of the track. The suppositions became more and more louder and Beyer couldn’t bear it. So he referred to this through twitter.


Adam Beyer’s tweet 

adam beyer ghost producer

We can see that Drumcode’s boss does not hide that Bart did a lot in this track. But also reveals that many of stems were made by him. How many and who did more in the project we don’t know. However he reminds that he produced more that 100 tracks through his career. Also puts a rhetorical question about his music production skills.


Chris Liebing’s answer about rumours of Adam Beyer’s ghost production

chris liebing ghost producer

But the world of techno didn’t doubt in his master. One of iconic djs Chris Liebing reacted to Adam’s post quickly calling all those suspections as a nonsense. Also Seth Troxler and Joseph Capriati put in a good word for Beyer. It must have meant a lot to him.


Darude’s answer on Drumcode boss tweet

techno ghost productions

Also one of the most popular djs and producers in the beginning of 2000s Darude tweeted to this post. Reminded him that he shouldn’t pay attention on trolls. Very good point by they way.
Was there any true in those rumours ? Well everyone should have his own opinion after this article.


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Techno Ghost Production

Well techno ghost production isn’t something new but recently it was very on time. We still don’t know how many techno ghost producers there are in the industry like in big room for example where it’s more popular. However we can speculate that some of big artists don’t make their tracks fully individual.

The types of EDM – part 1

You’ve probably heard „EDM” so many times in your life. But what does exactly means EDM? And is this the only one kind of music?

EDM types

At the beginning lets see what it means this shortcut.

EDM – electronic dance music

Nowadays its the most popular genre of music in the world. But there are a lot of species.

You would be wondered how many there are. Lets get started!


Big Room – one of the most popular and commercial types of electronic dance music. It’s a subgenre of electro house.

The main tempo stays between 126-130 bpm. It often contains sublayered kickdrum and supersaw sounds with a lot of reeverb. The most popular artists of this genre are Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix.


Drum’n’bass – comes from rave scenes in England. The main style of it’s fast breakbeats between 160-180 bpm.

There are two main kinds: liquid and neuro. Liquid is more focused on melodies, harmonies and its more instrumental. Neuro is focusing on deep & wobble basslines.


Dubstep – it’s a kind of music which draws from garage, techno, drum n bass and reggae.

Dubstep became very popular in 2010 when Skrillex started to produce this. One of the music websites Allmusic described dubstep as a „tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.”


Electro House – it were influenced by trash, pop, electro & pop.

The main tempo of this kind of EDM is between 124-132 bpm. It consists characteristic strong kick & sharp sounds bassline. Whole track makes impression austerity. It usually has 4/4 beats.


Hardstyle – coming from hard dance. There are two main kinds – nu style & rave.

Nu style hardstyle focusing more on melodies & harmonies. Rave is more underground and the main part of a track is focused on a bassline and ravy synths.


Like you see there are a lot of kinds of electronic dance music. You will find more in the next article.




Who is ghost producer?

This phrase makes a lot of extreme emotions in the world of EDM. So what does exactly mean „ghost producer”?

You should hear for example who is Maarten Vorwerk. He produced or cooproduced a lot of big tracks for top artists like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike or Yves V for example. You can see on discogs some of productions that he ghost produced for djs. Here is the link: Maarten Vorwerk discography. He is the best known example.

But what is the definition of ghost producer?

This is a music producer/writer which is hired by musicians or someone else and create the track for them.

In EDM djs which plays gigs five times in a week and haven’t time for making music often hire ghost producers.
Sometimes artist have good skills in dj-ing but isn’t good enough in music production and can’t get big promotion so he can hire the ghost producer too. It’s natural phenomenon and it shouldn’t be hated as it is in some ranges.
But year after year it’s more acceptable and popular.

From 2013 EDM grows more popular and there is a bigger need for this kind of music. Market becomes wider too and there are a lot of more festivals from month after month. This scene is the biggest in nowadays music. The secret of electronic music is that this don’t needs words or a lot of words so it can connect people from USA, India, Brazil, Russia, UK etc.

Ghost producing has evolved a lot in 21st century and it became a professional work. It’s very debatable issue but everyone has the right for his own opinion.
Nevertheless ghost production came very popular and it’s the inseparable part of electronic dance music.